Teeth whitening  

Over-the-counter whitening is done using standard
fitted trays that are not customized. It also includes
all forms of supermarket whitening & add-ons.


Here is why you want to choose this option:


teeth whitening

You are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment
Braces usually makes it impossible to create custom-fitted trays and these standard trays are easily moulded around the brackets.

teeth whitening

You have a tight budget
Over-the-counter whitening will usually be the most cost effective option, but also provides the poorest results. As the whitening trays or standard products are 
not customized, it does not seal-off saliva leakage into the trays. This causes a diluting effect and a sub-standard result. Longer wear times are indicated for better results.

teeth whitening

You cannot see the dentist, but want whiter teeth
This option does not require you to see the dentist and you can purchase  this straight away over-the-counter. 
Please note that our Unlimited Whitening option can also be done without the dental visit and still provide customized trays for a superior result!

 teeth whitening Whitening products for home use
This option includes toothpastes, mouthrinses and other daily oral Hygiene products.
Although these cannot really whiten your teeth, it will still aid in some small way to maintain a whiter smile.


3 systems exist that fall in this category:

teeth whitening cape town

 To GO pen/strips/'paint on products'

teeth whitening cape town

 10-Piece standard trays


teeth whitening cape town

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