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Teeth whitening


Although most people can whiten their teeth, not everyone is a good
Teeth whitening only whitens natural tooth structure.
Any fillings, crowns, veneers or restorations(including dentures) will
not whiten.

Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate your smile. Give specific
attention to any discolourations and existing dental work on your front
top and bottom teeth.

Analyse your smile

1. Old stained front fillings?
If whiter teeth is your end goal then you would possibly want
to replace old stained front fillings or yellow crowns anyway to
match your new whiter smile. Whiten your teeth first then replace these unsightly restorations.

2. Tray Whitening
Whitening Direct supports tray whitening that gradually whitens your teeth 1 day at a time. This is great as it puts you in control of how white you want to go.

3. Your Diet
If you are a heavy smoker or drinking and eating lots of foods that cause staining (red wine, tea, coffee etc.) it makes sense that you would need teeth whitening on a more continual basis. Your teeth will be under constant attack from these stain-causing foods and drinks.(Unlimited Whitening option)

Many people use teeth whitening as a way of motivation to
stop smoking or drinking coffee etc.

4. See your Oral Hygienist
For best whitening results all the surfaces of your teeth must be clean from plaque or tartar. If you haven't seen your hygienist for a while, get your teeth cleaned first for optimum results.

5. People with white spots on their teeth
Initually these white spots will whiten more and give an uneven level of whitening. With continual whitening the remainder of the tooth will 'catch-up' creating a more 'even' level of whiteness.

6. Old restorations
If you have defective or loose teeth, crowns, veneers, gum disease or tooth decay it is best to consult your dentist about
these before considering tray whitening. The 'suction' created by taking impressions is minimal, but might loosen these restorations.

7. A Discoloured front tooth
A discoloured front tooth often is the result of trauma to the nerve or previous root treatment. A special whitening treatment (walking bleach) is recommended from the dentist that whitens the tooth from the inside out.

8. People who should not whiten their teeth unless indicated by their dentist

teeth whitening Cape town Pregnant or Lactating women
As with most medicines or treatments it is
best to leave teeth whitening until a later
teeth whitening Cape town Children under the age of 12 years
teeth whitening Cape town

If you have dental restorations (crowns,
fillings, veneers, dentures etc.) on your
front teeth and do not want to replace
these with a whiter shade after your
(Please note
 : The gradual whitening effect put you

in control of the level of whiteness, so you can stop
whenever you are happy with the result)

teeth whitening Cape town

People with a high GAG reflex
Taking impressions mean to be able to
tolerate putting
the impression trays in the

teeth whitening Cape town People with very sensitive teeth
Teeth whitening causes temporary tooth
sensitivity to some people's teeth. This is a
normal and temporary response. You might
want to get a desentising gel from your
Alternating between whitening days also
works well.














teeth whitening cape town

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Teeth Whitening 
Stained front fillings

Smoking causes severe staining

Teeth Whitening
Cleaned teeth after Oral Hygiene


Teeth Whitening
White spots on teeth


Dark front tooth
Dark front tooth indicating
the tooth is 'dead'



Teeth Whitening
Old stained fillings & Open
tooth necks


Teeth Whitening
Erosion lesions on necks of
teeth, causing sensitivity



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